Starting Out

So, this idea started a few days ago when I replied to a comment on youtube and ended up giving advice to a young girl. This stuff was what most would consider “common sense” (which isn’t very common yadda yadda) but she was so young she had yet to learn. I think I’m not the only one when I say I learned most common things slowly, quietly, without any questions and (mostly) private mess ups. There are other things I learned by reading about them damn near constantly for 3+ years. I studied more about skincare than I did school work (that shows you what my priorities used to look like). Anyway back to the little girl, she was asking me how to grocery shop for her school lunches and I realized I hardly knew how to grocery shop at one point as well. I always went with my mother when I was a kid but I never really knew how to shop for myself until I lived by alone at 19. When I was young I’d just watch what people did in fear of asking stupid questions, I want this blog to be for those people. I want it to be for fashion, skincare, makeup…all things the broke (or simply the non Kardashian rich) would like to know. Thats what I would like it to be, but I’m assuming nobody will read it so the real reason I’m writing it is to organize my ideas, thoughts, interests….and cheap clothing website finds. My bookmark toolbar is endless, my pinterest is becoming too large. Now starts the blog. This will be good enough to share or just catalog all my pointless knowledge.